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Dam Gates or floodgates employ adjustable stop gates to control the flow and pressure of water in reservoirs, dam lakes, or river streams. Apart from flood control and irrigation, the dam gates serve a lot of purposes like keeping the level of a river stable by using flow adjustment facilities. Dam gates enable water intake of a suitable temperature using selective water intake facilities. The murkiness of dam water can also be controlled and monitored using dam gate facilities.

The dam gates installed at the mouth of a river keeps the water level stable while ensuring rapid water outlet during flooding. Sluice ways and water gates are used to draw river water or to split the flow. Flood bypass systems utilize detention basins to hold water diverted from the overflowing waterbody to prevent flooding.

Depending on how they function and the kind of operation they execute, dam gates are classified as:

  1. Radial Gates: Composed of cylindrical sectioned rotary gates, these gates are designed to rotate horizontally or vertically. One of the most popular vertical radial gate variants is the Tainter gate, which rotates up to allow water pass through underneath the structure. One of the safety features of this type of dam gates is that it can close under its own weight. This is achieved by a combination of trunnion bearings and a structure that can withstand hydrostatic force of the stored water.
  2. Drum Gates: These hollow gates floating on water are hinged at a point to allow upward and downward rotation. The floatation basin allows water in or out and accordingly the crest height of the dam changes.
  3. Hinged Crest Gate: These are essentially walls that move in a vertical to horizontal fashion adjusting the height of the dam. They can either be controlled passively using the force of the deposited water or via hydraulics. There are a lot of variations of the hinged crest gate, few common ones include flap, bascule, and pelican gates.
  4. Bulkhead Gates:Such types of gates generally employ moveable wall sections that can be lifted to allow the flow of water above and below the said structure like a sluice gate. In certain large systems, known as coupures open sideways. In days gone by, stacked up timber (stoplogs) was used to adjust the crest height. One good example of bulkhead gate is the Miter gate used in ship locks.

Few other popular variants include Fusegates used to contain large scale flooding, and roller gates which operate using cylinders in an angular slot hoisted by chain and cogs.

Here are the projects we at Ardee Engineering have executed:

  1. Design, manufacturing, supply and erection of 43 Stop Log Elements with (L x W x D) 16 x 1.8 x 1.5 Meters, Weight: 14.7 Tons per element for Sundilla, Kaleswaram Project.
  2. Supply and Erection of Radial gates and steel structure supplies of approximately 700 MT to Sardar Sarovar Project Kutch Canal, Gujarat for M/S. Nagarjuna Constructions Company Ltd, Hyderabad, Telangana.

Ardee Engineering excels at designing and manufacturing all types of dam gates according to your requirement, viz. radial, vertical lift, flap gates, slider, stoplog, sluices and spillways, auto-tilting, and drum hoist to name a few. Find out more about our dam gate offerings today! Get in touch.

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